Contact Lenses

MYTH. Contact lenses hurt!
FACT. Today’s soft contact lenses are very comfortable. You may be aware of them at first, but they don’t hurt. After a little while it won’t even feel like you’re wearing any.

MYTH. Wearing contact lenses damages your eyes
FACT. Contact lenses do not damage your eyes. Lens wear can slightly increase the risk of infection, but this is usually a result of poor care or cleaning. So if you follow our hygiene advice and regularly attend check-ups, this is very unlikely.

MYTH. I can’t wear contact lenses because I have astigmatism
FACT. This may have been true in the past, but we now have a range of toric lenses suitable for correcting most astigmatic prescriptions. These are available as daily disposables, two-weekly or monthly disposable lenses.

MYTH. I can’t wear contact lenses because I wear bifocals/varifocals
FACT. Advancements in contact lens design mean that new multifocal lenses can give you clear vision at all distances. Or we can give you a contact lens for distance vision in one eye and reading in the other (monovision), or distance correction combined with reading glasses when you need them.

MYTH. Contact lenses are difficult to put in and take out
FACT. Once you get the hang of it, inserting and removing your lenses is quick and easy. Our patient and friendly staff will guide you through the best techniques and make sure you’re confident doing it yourself before you leave the branch. We’ll also give you a CD Rom tutorial to take home with you.

MYTH. Contact lenses are difficult to look after
FACT. Most cleaning systems use only one bottle of solution, so you can care for your lenses in one simple step. Daily disposables are even easier; just wear once and throw away.

MYTH. Contact lenses fall out easily
FACT. Older contact lenses could occasionally fall out, but modern lenses fit so well this rarely happens, making them great for sport and leisure activities.

MYTH. Contact lenses can get lost behind your eye
FACT. This is physically impossible. A thin membrane covers the eye and connects to the inside of the eyelid, so the lens can’t move off the front surface.

MYTH. Contact lenses can get stuck to your eye
FACT. There are ‘urban myths’ about contact lenses getting stuck or pused to people’s eyes but there is no truth in these stories. It simply doesn’t happen.

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